Traders / Caterers

Please note we are full for caterer’s for 2019

Rules and requirements for Traders and Caterers


For the sake of clarity, in order to sell goods or refreshments at our event, you must agree to adhere to the following rules. We operate a zero exceptions policy.

  • Generators are allowed, you must have the means to extinguish with you.
  • All vehicles used for display must be from the VAG family.
  • No glass bottles or drinking bottles are allowed in the Arena. Disposable cups may be used.
  • No food can be sold by those in Trader plots, only designated Caterers may sell food.
  • We do not allow the sale of air horns, stink bombs, legal highs, fireworks, chinese lanterns, laser pens, or silly string.  This list is non-exhaustive and we reserve the right to disallow the sales of products we deem to be a danger to our visitors and other traders at our sole discretion.
  • Fire pits and charcoal fires are strictly prohibited on site, except where this forms part of a caterer’s core service and is agreed in advance. Gas barbecues are permitted.
  • Loud Music / Loud Car Stereos / Heavy bass is strictly prohibited in the trade stands. To respect our visitors and other traders sleeping nearby, noise is to be kept to the minimum level possible between midnight and 7am.


Rates for traders and caterers

All trade pitches include morning access from 8am on the Friday morning, and are 10 metres deep which will include your camping area for the Friday and Saturday nights.

Pitches are available with frontages ranging from 3 metres to 20 metres, if you would like to arrange a pitch which exceeds this space please do get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please email us on this link for the rates and availability of each.