Official Party in the Park Merchandise

Due to continued demand, we've ordered another print of our Party in the Park official merchandise. We have Zipped Hoodies, Pullover Hoodies, T-Shirts, Stickers & Plaques available.
Zipped & Pullover Hoodies
Our Zipped Hoodies are £27.50 each, and our Pullover hoodies are £22.50. They both come in two designs:
Zipped Hoodie Rear Volkswagen Festival MerchandiseZipped Hoodie Front Volkswagen Festival MerchandiseZipped Hoodie Rear Peaky Blinders Volkswagen Festival Merchandise
Our T-Shirts are £12.50 each and are available in the same designs 
Party in the Park Volkswagen Festival Back Dubs CollectiveParty in the Park Volkswagen Festival Front Party in the Park Peaky Blinders Volkswagen VW Festival
Stickers and Plaques
Our official event stickers are available for £2.00 each to go either on the in or outside of your vee dub (or whatever vehicle you love!), and our event plaques are £3.00 each.
Sticker and Plaque for VW Volkswagen Festival Party in the Park
For any enquiries on the above, or to place an order, please email with your sizes and we'll be in touch!
Thanks from Darren, Cheryl and the whole DC crew!
 Dubs Collective Team for our Volkswagen Festival